Financial Mentoring


So what is financial mentoring?

The definition of a mentor is a ‘wise and trusted counsellor or teacher’, someone who can guide, gently nudge or give a great big push to get you on your way.

Financial mentoring takes the skills of mentoring, such as listening attentively, encouraging ownership of changes and reflecting on successes and blends them with the knowledge of managing personal finances.

The combination of mentoring skills with financial knowledge is very powerful and hugely effective at empowering you to reflect on and change your perspectives on money.

One to one mentoring also provides a safe environment for you to tackle those money blocks which have been holding you back.

Through gentle questioning we can establish what kind of relationship you have with money, does it bring you pleasure or pain? What would you like your relationship to be like? Imagine for a moment, what would your life be like if you changed your attitude towards money? How might a change in attitude impact how you treat money?

If these are questions you would like to explore, then let me tell you more.

The two types of people I specialise in as part of my financial mentoring service are:

  1. Women who want to be in charge of theirs (and possibly their families) finances, they want to be confident in their decision making, have solid plans which will see them achieve their goals and they want to raise their children to be financially independent.
  2. Young adults (aged 16-24) who are independently stepping out on their own and need someone to inspire them and provide knowledge to teach them how to get ahead through smart financial planning. This mentoring works particularly well with motivated individuals who have the ambition to take control of their finances.

Mentoring helps you take a closer look at your relationship with money and in case you wondered, you do have a relationship with money – it’s the way you connect with the things you spend money on, it’s how money makes you feel, .

I am not a financial advisor, I won’t discuss specific financial products or make recommendations, what I will do is empower you to be more confident in managing your money, setting clear goals which enable you to do the things that are most important to you.

I have developed a 12 step programme which I use as a guide to help us discover your financial goals and put plans in place to reach them. Take a look at the 12 steps using the button below.

Given our attitude to money is often closely guarded, individual sessions are often the most effective way at getting to the heart of the topic.

These 1-2-1 sessions last between 45mins- 1hour (either face to face, phone or Skype) and consist of me asking you questions and listening to your views on what it is you most want to achieve but feel money is stopping you.

After the session I will send you a follow up ‘report’ which will remind you of the things we discussed and actions you would like to take to make changes in your life.

These sessions can sometimes be emotional as money is such a core part of our personality and can be a source of unhappiness in our lives.

Most clients will have 4-6 sessions over a 3 month period until they feel they have achieved what they have set out to, and can have refresher sessions if they feel things starting to slip away from them. However this can vary significantly depending on personal circumstances.

Everything discussed is in total confidence, the details of your finances are not critical, I don’t need to know the specific details of how much money you have or haven’t got, they are a result of your relationship with money, it is your perspective on money which is important for us to understand.

There are two packages available.

1. Pay as you go 1-2-1

Each one hour session is £57.

This is about the same cost as a massage or meal out, neither of which has the same potential to change your perspective on money.

 2. Four 1-2-1 sessions with the fifth FREE

These consist of five one hour sessions, package price of £228 instead of £285. These can be taken over a 12 month period.


I am not a financial advisor so I won’t promise to save you thousands of pounds by changing your mortgage or increase your income through investments.

However, I do promise that you will be in a better place to take control of your finances and have a practical plan on how to take charge of your money and focus on achieving your goals for financial independence.

How do you put a value on £57?

You could pay for a night out, a pamper treament, accessory for a new gadget? Will any of these make a life long change to how you feel about or treat money, or help you to better teach your children about money?

The next time you spend £57, just ask yourself ‘Does this get me closer to how I want to live my life?’ and if the answer is ‘No’, think twice or better still drop me a note to see how I can help you.

If you feel the first session hasn’t been of any benefit to you, I offer a money back guarantee, just let me know within 7 days of the session and I will refund your fees in full, no questions asked.

Free consultations

It is fully recognised that not everyone has the ability to pay for such consultations and often those who would most benefit are the least likely to afford it, that is why I have one client a month who I will offer a FREE hours consultation to, one by one, help individuals out from uncomfortable financial situations. If you would like to know more please email

My 12 Step Programme
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