12 Steps to financial independence

Doing it the Look After Your Pennies way

Through past experience of change management in the world of banking, where often the only certainty was change, and through working with numerous and varied clients I have developed and revised a 12 step programme towards financial independence.

My programme is simply a framework I use to guide us on a journey to understand where you are heading, through gentle questioning we will determine what it is you are aiming towards, whether that is freedom from debt, a new home, new car, special holiday, however small or big your dreams are, they are most likely to start with an element of financial independence.

My definition of financial independence is the ability to focus your life on the aspects that are important to you, not the things that everyone else has or wants, just those things that you most treasure, that give you pleasure and that work towards your longer ambitions.

Financial independence is not about being rich by monetary standards, it’s about building a life that provides you with a happy and fulfilling journey. It’s about removing some of the pressures of modern day life to have everything and to have it now, but rather to savour the things we enjoy and release ourselves from the chains of financial burdens we appear to have created.

Financial independence is about getting back to basics. Stripping back our financial layers one by one to understand ourselves better and to take a moment to realise we don’t need everything and we don’t need it all now.

The diagram below gives you a summary of my 12 step programme.


financial independence

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