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and my passion for managing money


Fay Arrundale

Fay’s Journey

I’m Fay Arrundale and my absolute passion is managing money, there, I’ve said it, I confess!

To most people this isn’t a particularly exciting thing to be passionate about, but to me, your perspective on money is truly captivating.

The captivating thing for me is how money gives us freedom to make choices, take opportunities and realise dreams. I’m not talking about lottery wins or high paying salaries, I’m simply talking about making the most of what you have and focusing on what it is you want, you really want.


Where did this passion come from?

This passion came from my parents, who didn’t have much money, but made the most of every penny. Their values grew in me and when I started to earn money of my own I realised I had choices in how I spent it. Amazingly if I saved it I could do even more wonderful things like travelling the world, than if I lost track of it and spent it on things I couldn’t even recall a month later.

Armed with an interest in money, the obvious career path was in financial services. If you want to check out where I’ve been on my journey, take a look at my credentials.

Working in financial services only helped to fuel my passion further and increase my interest in how other people manage their money. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I learnt whilst working for large global companies during changing economic times, but now it’s time to pay back some of that learning.

What will the world be like for him?

The trigger for my change in career was a 7Ibs 2oz bundle of joy in 2011, my first son, who stopped life as I knew it in it’s tracks. That’s when I started thinking……. What will the world be like for him?

In looking for answers to this question, I became, really and truly scared. I wasn’t scared specifically for my son but for the next generation, growing up in a culture which places huge emphasis on having it all, and having it all NOW.

This fear led me to ask myself ‘Who is going to teach my child how to value money in the same way that my parents did for me?’.

There wasn’t an obvious answer. Secondary schools have introduced financial education as part of their citizenship curriculum, but I couldn’t see how this would provide my child with the core values I had learned.

That’s when I started to explore the idea of financial mentoring… and the rest, as they say, is history.


My promise

That’s a whistle stop tour of how I founded ‘Look after your pennies..’ so named after the well known phrase ‘… and the pounds will look after themselves’  regularly recited by my late father.

My mission is to work with individuals, families, colleges and universities, to get us back to the basics of respecting and enjoying our money and importantly empowering parents to confidently educate their children to become financially independent.

If you would like to join me on this journey, to explore how the way you view money can alter the path your life takes, then I’d love to have you on board.

My promise to you:

  • I will support, guide and encourage you on a journey of self discovery where money is at the heart of our discussions
  • Everything we discuss is in complete confidence
  • I will never, ever try to sell you a financial product

Interested? why not drop me an email to find out more at fay@lookafteryourpennies.com

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what some of my clients have previously said in my testimonials.

Financial mentoring - What to expect
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