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What does a cashless society look like?

May 28, 2015

Cash is just a way to exchange one thing for another, right? Years ago they used bags of gold, before that they used sacks of potatoes – it doesn’t really matter what you had as long as you had something of value you could trade with someone. So surely moving from physical cash to paying for things by card won’t cause us, in our advancing technology society, any issues? It’s still ‘cash’, it’s well…. virtual cash. My background is in banking, in particular I spent…


Top tips for planning your families perfect holiday

May 12, 2015

Booking a holiday for a family can be stressful and take some of the enjoyment out of the holiday, a little forward planning, can help make the trip all the more enjoyable and cheaper. Here are my top tips for planning your perfect family holiday. 1.Book early Holiday companies offer great discounts if you book early, with free child places, but you need to book 12-18 months in advance to get these deals. So check the school term dates and decide where you want to…


5 mistakes to avoid when making financial decisions

April 21, 2015

Despite my passion (and business) being helping others to manage their money better, this week I completely failed to follow my own advice when making a financial decision. My indecision and overwhelm You see, this week I needed to sort out my mobile phone contract. To many people this is a moment of sheer joy, something they count down to as their contract expires, weighing up all the options and dreaming of their new handset (well that might be pushing is a bit far, but…

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