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As a nation we are more likely to talk about our deepest darkest secrets than dare to reveal the truth behind our finances. We find it difficult to be open about what we earn and how we spend, even to our partners and closest friends. So, what would possess you to even consider attending a workshop on money?


Curiosity of what your life might be like if you were the master of your own finances.

Curiosity of what your relationship would be like if you and your partner were honest with each other about money.

Curiosity of what your future could be if you had put a plan in place to realise your dreams of a new house, holiday or being debt free?

Our curiosity is often squashed by a big fat dollop of FEAR. Fear of asking for help and admitting we want to change. This fear has meant we are too scared to make changes to our spending habits and have a rather complicated relationship with money.

Workshops are a really good way of people getting together to interact and discuss something they want to know or learn more about, the feeling of comaraderie and support can really help you to know you are not alone in wanting to make changes to the role money plays in your life.

Financial Workshops

I run both face to face and online based financial workshops, both are always tailored to the group I am working with.

Face to face workshops are normally held near Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

To find out more about more about future workshops, sign up to my newsletter or drop me an email at, I’d love to share your money journey with you.



I am available for public speaking or other events where you require someone with a background in finances and a love of the psychology of money.

I also thoroughly enjoy blogging and writing content related to personal money management.

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Financial mentoring
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